Salute Santé Grapeseed Oil ½ liter



Salute Santé! is the only brand that guarantees third-party-certified 100 percent grapeseed oil without the mystery fillers. It contains NO cholesterol, NO sodium, NO preservatives, is certified KOSHER by Star K and is TRANS FAT FREE.


Salute Santé!® Grapeseed Oil has long been the secret of gourmet chefs who love its light and nutty, yet neutral flavor. It addition to its amazing health benefits, it has the unique ability to enhance the flavors of ingredients instead of overpowering them and leaves no greasy aftertaste!

Healthy & Nutritious – It’s an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamin E and essential linoleic acid. Compared to olive oil it’s almost 50% less saturated fat and almost 10x more essential linoleic acid. Studies have shown that grapeseed oil may raise HDL good cholesterol, lowers LDL bad cholesterol and triglycerides, which may reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Our oil contains 0 Trans Fats and is BPA free.

Salute Santé! is available for food service and in bulk for manufacturers.

Note from Lifestar: The previous statements are courteously made available from the original provider of pure premium grapeseed oil in the United States, Food and Vine Inc., located in the Napa Valley of California. Lifestar’s privileged relationship goes back almost 30 years with the original dream, integrity and loveliness of Valentine and Nanette Humer.

Weight 3 oz
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