The iLove Program for Cancer

A Natural answer to a natural problem absent side effects, financial risk, medical advice, and relying on the inherent wisdom of how the body was created in the first place. Nature created everything that has existance. Man invented beliefs about it.

Considering Sedona Arizona time, please call  877 793-4191 for your interview with the founder / developer of the program. We can assist in the sanity of relying on Nature instead of arbitrary forms of education in the belief that human thinking is a logical replacement of Nature.

The iLove Program for all forms of Cancer.

Question:  What is it?


Answer:  It begins as a relationship. Everything that has existence is in relationship and is a necessary quality of the Process of  Creation.  As an integrated part of that relationship, we at Lifestar share with you, our response to the diagnosis called cancer.

The Universe is run on energy. All there is are energies interacting. It is the quality of the energy that determines the quality of experience, and if you want  to transform the quality of your experience, transform the quality of the energy being brought to the experience. War is nothing more than rigid, obstinate energy.  It can occur between two people or between nations

 unwilling to flow appropriately.

Harmony is energy conscious of what is needed.

Consciousness Energy does not waste itself.

There cannot be anything wasted when Consciousness Energy finds it self as all that is, as everything that is relationship. Consciousness Energy reveals to itself what it really is and what that really means by remembering what Love is. Unwasted Consciousness Energy is Love and only Love. Manifested in the world it transforms the world into what has never been before in your mind, and into what it has always been in your heart.  It is that which you have always been looking for and never found where you have always looked, 

as all others have always looked. 

The time of wasting oneself is over. 

Look into the peacefulness of your heart with all others and 

the treasure you seek will reveal itself.  

It is the true you in perfect Love. 

You will be all you can be for evermore

…. Always giving away what you endlessly receive”.




Declarations: Both Guarantees are for the USA and Canada Residents Only*

  1. There are a few recommendations that are important to perform.
  2. The Program is inexpensive for most people.
  3. It works in a short period of time, usually within 40 days.
  4. It is Natural and has no side effects.
  5. It affirms Life and is not harmful.
  6. It may require some dietary discipline that supports the body’s recovery.
  7. If after following our recommendations, it does not work for you, whatever you initially paid, less any sales tax and shipping costs, will be refunded to you.*
  8. For Women who have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, and are willing to follow our suggestions for recovery, the iLove Program can be paid for after your recovery, with terms if necessary or even waived.* Call Lifestar and ask for the Founder.
  9. To sustain one’s recovery involves continuing the consumption of Genesis, Glutathene, Mezotrace, and remaining free of any sugars that have been removed by any means from Natures original plant source.
  10. For Private Consultations, technical advice or questions, ask for the Founder.
  11. Given the diversity of advice one is exposed to, we ask that you trust that which created you and your body (Nature, God or another name you prefer) and avoid the products of man (temptations).

You are not being asked to learn anything, but to receive new information.

Are you willing to feel as healthy as you would like to be? 

Are you willing to trust your self?

What is your intention?

If you wish, what we do together in your healing can be kept a secret, or shared with another. The choice is yours.



After reading this document, I promise to myself to follow the recommendations, advice, and comprehension to the best of my ability.




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Welcome to the Family we call Lifestar!

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Lifestar was established in February of 1987

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An Introduction to Pleomorphism… the ability of organisms inside the body to change their forms in response to changes in the environment inside the body.

The Somatid Evolution

    Dr. Gaston Naessen’s description of the organism he named the Somatid, was the same smallest organism previously described by Royal Rife in the 1930s as well as several other researchers.  This organism and its ability to evolve rapidly into two more stages, a spore and then a double spore are normal in healthy life forms including inside the cells. Naessen’s research revealed that when the naturally healthy environment inside the life form is compromised enough including trauma, the Somatid can evolve through 13 more pathological growth stages becoming different forms in each stage. One example of a trauma inside the human body is the prolonged destabilization of blood sugar due primarily to the continued consumption of man made denatured sugars.