6 oz Promise, a Divinely Inspired Solution


Your intention is everything and can be more effective than any fear, emotion or body sensation.  You don’t have to suffer or underestimate yourself or your capability.  Your power to let go may be beyond your comprehension. What you resist will usually persist. Accepting yourself, being kind, patient and loving can be helpful in ways unknown.

Being the creative gift you are to everyone and everything will be helpful beyond your present understanding.

There are two ways to use Promise:

1. Topically  –  outside the body.

2. Internally. –  inside the body.

  • Spray Promise anywhere you physically feel pain, discomfort or concern. Trauma to the outside of the body, be it by surgery, injury, or that which is unknown may be addressed by spraying 1 spray at 2 to 3 hour intervals, or more often, on the site or sites for as long as you like or think you need.  More is not necessarily better than patience. The skin should be clean and not coated with any substance. For a tumor seen or unseen, spray as often as you like at the site for at least 10 days to perceive any progress.
  • 2 sprays of Promise into the open mouth at approximately 6 hour intervals while awake.  Leave in the mouth for about 10 seconds before swallowing.  This is the recommendation for any diagnosis with any name or unknown problem inside the body.  Intention and patience may be necessary during this time of use.  For any viral challenge spray for at least 10 days or more to perceive any improvements. 
  • Be kind to yourself by letting any body sensation be a sensation without assigning blame or purpose to the sensation regardless of what you think or another has told you.  Be it pain or emotion, and challenging as it may seem, it may be “let go” of by you regardless of your thoughts about it.


An Invitation to a Promise

How does one define or explain a miracle?  This is the difficulty that is presented in attempting to introduce Lifestar’s new product “Promise”.  Its potential defies the world’s understanding of healing.  Promise prompts us to stretch past our idea that healing is the result of the body’s consumption of the “right” nutrition and/or medication or the application of the “right” technology.  Are there new healing opportunities available to us that utilize energy rather than biological chemistry? Are there inspired understandings that can coax new “phenomenal” healings from our natural biological potential?

These are the questions that Promise invoke and require help from you, our clients to help answer.

Since its beginning, Lifestar’s products have been inspired by the idea that energy, in its most profound sense, is the common denominator in the Universe. Or, in fact, that the Universe is ultimately the expression of electro-magnetism used as a tool of creation. Even Lifestar’s website has been introduced by this premise:

The Universe is run on energy.  All there is are energies interacting.

It is the quality of the energy that determines the quality of the experience.

If you want to transform the quality of your experience,

Transform the quality of the energy being brought to the experience.

Harmony is energy conscious of what is needed.

Conscious energy does not waste itself.


Unwasted Conscious Energy is Love and only Love.  

Manifested in the world it transforms the world into what has never been before in your mind, and into what it has always been in your heart.

It is that which you have always been looking for and never found where you have always looked, as all others have always looked.  


The time of wasting oneself is over.  


Look into the peacefulness of your heart with all others, and the treasure you seek 

will reveal itself.  

It is the true you in perfect Love.  

You will be all you can be for evermore.


… Always giving away what you endlessly receive”.

Lifestar, also, since its inception, has mystically described its mission as “the Art of Healing.”  No wonder that its products have been associated with profoundly new ways of thinking about healing.  Nor is it surprising that Promise has been created through this relationship of energy and art, or as stated on its label, “as a divinely inspired solution.”

Lifestar needs you, as its loyal clients, to help unlock the potential that Promise may hold.  We would like your assistance, through your anecdotal experiences, to record the results, positive or not, you achieve in taking Promise.  Below, we record several stories of discoveries and research that have inspired the development of Promise. Our sharing of this information is to provide examples of what the body is capable of recovering from.


The Legacy of Cytolog

Some years ago, at Lifestar’s first office in San Francisco, a phone caller asked Joe how a product that the caller had developed could be working. To Joe’s own surprise, he knew it worked primarily energetically and not chemically.  Intuitively, Joe described how it worked in detail.  Tis single event incorporated two important factors that have impacted Lifestar ever since.  The first was the recognition of Joe’s intuitive understanding of energy as a factor in healing. The second factor was the initial meeting of two inspired inventors, who shared healing as a purpose. Later, when a second introduction of these two occurred “serendipitously”, Joe and Steve recognized the purpose behind the ‘coincidence of their meetings” and became very good friends. Joe began to use Steve’s product Cytolog and to market it through Lifestar. And as you can see below, the results from Cytolog were typically surprising and “unexplainable”.


Here are some of the early reports Lifestar received from the use of Cytolog:

  • Celiac disease permanently gone in 4-5 days.
  • Swine flu gone overnight.
  • Pneumonia gone overnight.
  • Slow rabies gone in a dog in 3 days.
  • Arterial bleed out stopped instantly with one spray.
  • Wheelchair bound woman with multiple sclerosis walking.
  • Osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis significantly improved in a month.
  • Brown Recluse spider bite healed in a few days.
  • Viral Pulmonary Infection in premature babies in Guatemala gone every time in about 4 hours using one spray.

Other client experiences of Cytolog:

  • Five year old Shaun was suffering from a somewhat rare developmental disorder known as Perthe’s Disease. It is generally believed that, in this condition, inadequate blood supply to the hip joint predisposes the area to pain by retarding activities associated with growth and healing. Within one day after receiving Cytolog, Shaun’s condition had noticeably improved. Within two days he was able to sustain normal levels of activity without pain. 
  • Carolyn had a horrendous case of poison Ivy. The skin was off her right arm from elbow to wrist and the pain incredible. Everything she tried was useless and 3 nights of sleep were lost from burning & itching. She was hesitant to use the tiny bit that had left in the Cytolog bottle she was given. When she took off the towel she had wrapped around her arm, she lightly sprayed the open lymph & small amounts of skin patches. The itching & burning stopped immediately.  In her words, “as I watched, I swear, I could see the skin and lymph dry-up kind of sealing and knitting together my arm. This continued for one more day until the skin had rebuilt itself on the one arm and stopped the advance of more infection on the other.”
  • A third degree hot oven rack burn accident occurred on the forearm of a 12-13 year old girl with dark skin from Belize. She was a house guest of Steve’s. When he got the call, Steve was a few minutes away. He told the mother not to put anything on the burn and he would be there shortly. When he got home he gave a bottle of Cytolog to the young girl and told her to spray the burn once, two times per day, or  “as often as she liked”.  She sprayed the burn and the pain disappeared immediately. She continued the two sprays per day and in two weeks, without pain, the burn healed over completely with full skin re-pigmentation and no scar.
  • In 2003 through 2004, Lifestar worked jointly on a project Steve started in Africa in four different countries through four Church hospitals. Using 3 sprays in the mouth at 6 hour intervals while awake, every adult recovered in 10 days or less. Every child recovered in 3-4 days or less. Every one not expected to live another 12 to 24 hours recovered. We saw 1000 people recover from final stage AIDS for less than $10.00 each and we were giving away the product to the 5 medical doctors involved in the project. CD-4 cells were returning to normal, averaging a 25% increase per month.

After Steve’s passing in 2009, Joe made a promise to find a way to complete what Steve had started. Steve had set a high standard. He had given away for free, thousands of bottles of Cytolog to people in 13 different countries. His motivation clearly was to reduce the suffering or eliminate the pain of thousands of people, in particular the poorest of the poor. 

Inevitably, one of the goals at Lifestar became the pursuit of the completion of Steve’s dream.

Courtesy of Veda Austin

The Secret Intelligence of Water

Lifestar has been influenced by the ground-breaking research of many independent scientists and thinkers from Gaston Naessens to Walter Russell, and Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D, Ph.D.  The most recent inspiration came from a little known researcher in New Zealand. 

In 2020 Joe communicated with a woman in New Zealand that shared valuable information with him. Inspired by her advice he began closing in on his goal.  Below is a summary of the incredible book recently published by Veda Austin:

“The Secret Intelligence of Water takes a quantum leap from the spring board of Masaru Emoto’s microscopic work with ice crystals. Through macroscopic photography, and a groundbreaking new technique, researcher Veda Austin, allows us to view water as an intelligent force, with the power to respond to human consciousness in ways never before thought possible. Focused on the stage between liquid and ice, Veda has spent the last eight years photographing water in a state of ‘creation’. She uses influences such as words, thoughts, pictures or music pre-freezing, and then captures water’s liquid crystal response minutes later. For example, an image of a hand will appear in the ice after the thought of a hand was sent to the water…. even simple words have manifested into form!  These amazing results suggest that water is intentionally communicating through artistic, intelligent design.”

The marvel of the idea that water is communicating’ brings us back to our original question: How does one define or explain a miracle? Perhaps more practically, the results become the answer. It is in this context that we invite your participation in Lifestar’s Art of Healing. 

Our gift to you is one or more 6 ounce bottles of Promise for your use and for you to share it where possible. We ask that you first provide us with a description of what health challenge you may have and what results you seek to achieve in the use of Promise. We want to know first hand that Promise works and to what degree it does. With your help, hopefully we can find out. Please contact us if you are willing to participate in this test.

In Gratitude,

Your Friends at Lifestar

(877) 793-4191


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